The very first Kringelfieber meeting took place in 2006 in a place called Sommerach, situated at the Main river in Germany. The group consisted of friends in paddling who had found each other in Freestyle or Canadian Style courses by Jörg Wagner or via Wouter and Annemieke Kieboom. Already the first meeting was an international meeting, with participants from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.

It was a pretty cold weekend, but nevertheless we spent a lot of time practicing on the water. The highlight of the meeting was the show of eleven beautiful demonstrations on Sunday night and the first bestowal of the Kringelfieber trophy.

This trophy was made and endowed by artist Peter Jacob-Kolbe. He has made a very detailed bronze sculpture of a traditionally built canoe and a matching paddle. The first presentee of the trophy was Jörg Wagner, who is rightly called the 'father' of the European Style paddling community.

Klick here for Pictures of Kringelfieber 2006.