Kringelfieber 2007 was the first to take place in Herzhausen, at the entrance of the Edersee in Germany. We stayed on the so-called peninsula, a slightly separated part of the campground and with excellent access to the water of the pond.

This year we were surprised by the visit of a television reporter who had spotted a group of canoes when passing by on the road. He liked what he saw and came back the next morning, spending almost a whole day with us. The following night the regional TV station brought a short documentary about Kringelfieber, with very nice footage and extensive interviews with Silke Reitner and Jörg Wagner.

On Saturday night the wind on the pond forced us to move to the Eder river for the final show. Some improvisation was necessary, but nevertheless it was a great show - even a few swans took part in some of the routines.

This year Silke Reitner received the Kringelfieber trophy from Jörg. Silke is the initiator of Kringelfieber, a canoe event that has found its fixed place in in the calendars of many paddling enthusiasts. At Kringelfieber you can find quietwater open canoe paddling on the highest technical level, combined with lots of sociability and friendship.

Franziska Pokorny and André Linke wrote a report (in German only, but it has some nice pictures!)

(paddling without PFD is only accepted during performance or competition)