(paddling without PFD is only accepted during performance or competition)

We had several 'specials' at Kringelfieber 2008. For one, it was the year of the first open canoe course for children! Jög Wagner enthralled the whole group and everybody had lots of great fun. For a thank you the children presented him with a paddle they had entirely made themselves!

Secondly, we had high ranking visitors from the USA. Bob & Elaine Mravetz from Ohio had been that year's winners of the tandem Freestyle championships. Roy & Peg Ivey from South Carolina had had the same honor in the previous year, and Jonathan Hammond from New York was the 2008 champion of solo Freestyle.

Of course everybody used the opportunity for a lot of lively exchange - on and off the water - between the cracks from the country of origin of Freestyle and the experts from Europe. At the final show our guests demonstrated the Haut Ecole of paddling 'American Style', with a good amount of 'showmanship'. The crowd, including many other guests from the campground, watched with fascination, and had a good laugh, too! 

The top act of the show was a performance thus far unique in the world - the presentation of a Freestyle routine for four tandem boats, performed by the very best Freestyle paddlers of both the United States and Europe! 

Wolfgang Hölbling wrote a beautiful report of Kringelfieber 2008. Here is the English version.

Check out the March 2009 issue of the Cross Post and find the 'Memories from Kringelfieber through the eyes of Roy and Peg Ivey, Jonathan and Donna Hammond, Elaine and Bob Mravetz', written by Joseph Robbie (Bob's pen name).