Foto: Wolfgang Hölbling

Kringelfieber 2009 threatened to become overcrowded with almost 90 registered participants, but eventually there was still plenty of space on the peninsula. However, the programme was crowded with courses and workshops of all kinds and colours, and it was well appreciated by all participants. The picture above was taken during a Safety and Rescue workshop called "Schiffe versenken".

Because of the busy programme there was only little time for practicing routines, but nevertheless we saw another fabulous show on the final night. A special highlight was the performance of the children who displayed a routine they had designed and practiced all on their own! All paddlers and the audience enjoyed the new sound system by Peter, which was just perfect!

On Canadierforum you can find some gleanings of Kringelfieber 2009. It is in German, I am afraid, but the pictures can of course be 'read' in every language.