Foto: Greg Spencer

Kringelfieber 2010 was by far the largest Kringelfieber event ever. We had guests from Germany, the Netherlands, Zwitserland, Austria, and for the first time also participants from Italy and the United Kingdom. This year the progamme was focussed around Freestyle and Canadian Style Paddling.

Many newcomers to took their first steps in heeling the boat or were introduced to their first move, the Axle. A few very motivated participants even went through the moves of all the four quadrants - they probably left with more 'homework' to practice than can be done in a whole year!

Due to the wind the final show on Saturday night almost had to be cancelled, but after a delay most of the planned routines could be carried out. For four of the performers it was the first time they paddled in front of an audience - their courage and their great paddling virtuosity was rewarded with a big applause.

A very special event that took place later that night was the Canadian Style performance of eight boats illuminated by torches. The romantic music, the reflections of the torches on the water and their fire illuminating the paddlers and the interior of the beautiful wooden boats gave me goosebumps on my skin...